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Together dream ’bout that crib with the Goodyear swing / On the oak tree, I hope we feel like this forever / Forever, forever ever, forever ever?

Fifteen years ago, while sitting in a car with my aunt, I first heard “I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, (whooo), I’m am for reeeal!” I was 12 at the time and the song had just dropped. I didn’t know too much about Outkast at the time, but I remember immediately feeling like it was a smash. It felt so special. When I first saw the so fresh so clean video on MTV, I was mesmerized. At the time I couldn’t really buy the album, we didn’t buy secular music in my household, so I first heard it on a friend’s cd player during a field trip bus ride. At 12, the first thing that caught my attention was the naked lady on the cd label. Naturally, I didn’t always understand what they were talking about, but it felt so soulful, and unlike anything I had ever heard to that point. Jay-Z dropped The Blueprint in 2001, but the real blueprint for music in the 21 century may have dropped 11 months earlier with Stankonia. It certainly shaped the landscape of what we see today, and it had a profound effect on my adolescent subconscious.  I made a t-shirt as a simple ode to one of my favorite albums and a brand I appreciate (Patagonia).

A fun Tee designed by me
A fun Tee designed by me

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