Effortless Work Manifesto

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Usually, a manifesto is a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. It is a tool of ideological change anywhere there is a status quo. I took a slightly different approach. Below is my manifesto for what “work” should be. I chose not to include the status quo, and only affirm my vision of a new reality. I chose not to make an argument against something, but to instead present a preferred possibility.

My work and I are one. It is the extension of my existence. It is my nature. It embraces the whole of my being, is inseparable from who I am, yet leaves space for expansion. Like flesh to bone, my work envelops my underlying structure; wrapping every unique feature of my individuality. It reveals my character, and honors my personality. It is skin tight; one with my strengths. It is as effortless as breathing. It is not something I do, it is something that happens, like the beating of my heart.

My work does not ask me to be anything I am not. Instead, it creates space for the free flow of love, which I am. Everyday, it introduces me to new expressions of myself. It is the clear sky, through which I radiate my natural state of joy and curiosity.

It supports me in the direction of my choosing. It is the paved path under each ordered step towards my destiny. It is willing and able to adapt to my change of plans, as I sort through my experience toward new desires.

My work is flexible. It will adjust readily for the conditions at hand, without compromising who I am. It can stand alone, or perfectly merge to complement the work of others.

My work is the mutual symbiotic relationship of me to society; like how I produce the carbon dioxide a tree needs which in turn becomes the oxygen I need. It is an effortless exchange. My work is in perfect harmony with the global economy, fulfilling the needs of many, as well as my own. It is a never ending cycle that expands us all.

Being myself is my occupation.

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